Agile Health Insurance

Platform Redesign for Major Insurance Client Utilized by In this project, we had the privilege of executing a platform redesign for a prominent client in the insurance industry, with the redefined user flow being prominently featured on Our focus was to curate the platform to cater specifically to the needs of gig workers. A key aspect of this redesign was the implementation of an intelligent quiz system. This feature was carefully crafted to analyze user inputs and generate personalized plan recommendations, aligning with the specific requirements of each user. This approach was crucial in enhancing the user experience for visitors of, ensuring that recommendations were both relevant and valuable to the diverse needs of gig workers in the insurance landscape.

Client Info:

This project was developed for Agile Health Insurance, a prominent insurance company serving gig workers. The enhanced user flow is currently featured on, specifically catering to gig workers.

Services Offered:

UX Design
Product Strategy

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