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We build cutting edge custom and no code applications for scaling B2B businesses that automate manual workflows and generate profit, often with AI integrations.

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Elevating Ambitions with Our Commitment to Innovation

With an unwavering focus on operational excellence, our mission is to become the foremost software development firm globally. This higher purpose has enabled Lean Discovery Group to disrupt the industry by providing strategic development for cutting-edge applications that set new standards in the market.

We are dedicated to empowering your business's success through innovative software solutions that drive growth and efficiency.


What The Process Looks Like


At Lean Discovery Group, we prioritize cost-effective solutions in the planning and development of your app. To ensure we deliver optimal results within your budget, we start with a thorough product analysis and user research, identifying areas of strength and areas that require improvement. This enables us to create a strategic roadmap that emphasizes innovative development while being mindful of cost considerations. Our goal is to achieve a successful app launch that not only meets your business objectives but also fits your budgetary constraints.

Elegant Design

In the design phase, we prioritize creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that eliminates difficulties for the end-user, collaborating closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and brand identity. We tailor the app's design to align with your business goals and target audience, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience. By incorporating user feedback and best design practices, we create a visually appealing and functional app that leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers and clients.

Software Development

Our development team evaluates the specific requirements of your app project and selects the best approach for each component. No-code and low-code solutions enable us to expedite development without compromising quality, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. For more complex and unique functionalities, our experts employ custom code solutions, tailoring the app's development to meet your specifications. These solutions are ideal for creating rapid prototypes and minimum viable products, allowing you to test your app's concept with minimal investment.

Our Impact, One Transformation at a Time

Agile Health Insurance 3.0 Redesign

Implemented a redesign to curate the platform for gig workers. The main objective was to implement a smart quiz to generate personalized plan recommendations based on the users inputs.

After My Event

After My Event is a web app that safely connects buyers and sellers of event items in the Bay Area. It removes the stress of buying everything needed for a big event, such as a wedding, under a tight budget by connecting buyers in need with sellers looking to pass on their previously used event items at a low price. Our role was to create concepts, wireframes, UI Kits, and a final high-fidelity prototype to be approved by the client and handed off to our dev team (under development as of Oct 22')

AngleHealth Self Serve Redesign

Angle's Self Serve tool is designed to help small group employers (<50 employees) sign up for health car insurance for themselves and their company without ever needing to speak to a human. The main challenges were generating quotes in a seamless way while considering pricing factors dependent on demographic data and contribution strategy of multiple plans at one time. We tackled this problem by enhancing the UI/Ux of  AngleHealth’s Self Serve Flow with updated educational and core action nudges.

Customer Discovery is a feedback analytics workspace for SMBs and Startups to identify, connect with, and understand current or potential customers.

Glue Up Speed Networking 2.0

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience (beginning with America).We conceptualized what GlueUp's entry into the B2C market would look like following a product led growth framework for this new feature set with a freemium business model. We begin with sketches and wireframes and quickly moved into a clickable figma prototype that we used to rapidly validate and disprove several feature sets to ensure the design handoff to development would be swift and lean. 2.0 Redesign and Launch

We were brought on to lead the redesign and oversee the development on CFL 2.0 platform. We began with customer discovery interviews with both free and premium users to discovery what the top value adds of the platform were. We then began to design new user flows to visualize new entry points into the premium membership. We then began designing with this product led methodology in mind which led to a significant bump in CFL's bottom line revenue.


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