Design and Development of AngleHealth's Self-Serve Insurance Tool The project entailed the professional development of AngleHealth's Self-Serve tool, a sophisticated digital solution crafted to streamline the health insurance enrollment process for small group employers (with fewer than 50 employees). This innovative tool is designed to facilitate employers in signing up for health care insurance autonomously, eliminating the need for direct human interaction. Addressing the primary challenge of generating accurate insurance quotes, the tool integrates complex algorithms that take into account a multitude of pricing factors. These include demographic data and varying contribution strategies across multiple insurance plans. The solution was to refine the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of the Self-Serve Flow. This enhancement involved the integration of updated educational prompts and strategically placed core action nudges to guide users seamlessly through the decision-making and enrollment process. Our approach centered on simplifying the user journey while ensuring accuracy and compliance with insurance norms, resulting in a user-friendly, efficient, and effective online insurance enrollment tool tailored for small group employers.

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Startup Healthcare Insurance

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UX Design

Product Strategy

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