Glue Up

We were entrusted with the discovery and design of’s Speed Networking 2.0, aimed at launching this innovative feature set to a global audience, starting with the American market. Our mandate involved envisioning GlueUp's foray into the B2C domain, employing a product-led growth strategy underpinned by a freemium business model. Our design process commenced with preliminary sketches and wireframes, swiftly transitioning to the development of a clickable prototype in Figma. This prototype was instrumental in our iterative approach, enabling us to rapidly test, validate, and refine various features. Through this process, we efficiently identified and eliminated elements that did not align with user needs or business objectives. This streamlined approach ensured that the final design was not only user-centric but also optimized for a swift and efficient handoff to the development team, embodying the principles of lean and agile methodology in product design.

Client Info:

B2B SaaS

Services Offered:

UI/UX Design
Product Strategy
Product Led Growth
Gamificaiton Implementation

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