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Unleash your business's potential with powerful, custom applications built using Bubble. Lean Discovery Group's Bubble development services let you customize your digital solution to fit your unique needs and workflows.

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Driving Success with Technological Expertise

Why Choose Lean Discovery Group?

Lean Discovery Group takes your startup's aspirations and turns them into tangible, high-performing products. Our focus on lean product led UI/UX design, and agile software development ensures your software not only performs but stands out in the marketplace. We use our ever-evolving technological expertise to refine your product’s design, development, and implementation.

Why Bubble Development?

Bubble development empowers your business to create and manage custom applications with minimal coding effort. It’s a faster, cost-effective, and flexible way to build tailor-made software, aligning with your business's unique requirements and scaling as you grow.

Selected work

Agile Health Insurance 3.0 Redesign

Implemented a redesign to curate the platform for gig workers. The main objective was to implement a smart quiz to generate personalized plan recommendations based on the users inputs.

After My Event

After My Event is a web app that safely connects buyers and sellers of event items in the Bay Area. It removes the stress of buying everything needed for a big event, such as a wedding, under a tight budget by connecting buyers in need with sellers looking to pass on their previously used event items at a low price. Our role was to create concepts, wireframes, UI Kits, and a final high-fidelity prototype to be approved by the client and handed off to our dev team (under development as of Oct 22')

AngleHealth Self Serve Redesign

Angle's Self Serve tool is designed to help small group employers (<50 employees) sign up for health car insurance for themselves and their company without ever needing to speak to a human. The main challenges were generating quotes in a seamless way while considering pricing factors dependent on demographic data and contribution strategy of multiple plans at one time. We tackled this problem by enhancing the UI/Ux of  AngleHealth’s Self Serve Flow with updated educational and core action nudges.

Customer Discovery is a feedback analytics workspace for SMBs and Startups to identify, connect with, and understand current or potential customers.

Glue Up Speed Networking 2.0

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience (beginning with America).We conceptualized what GlueUp's entry into the B2C market would look like following a product led growth framework for this new feature set with a freemium business model. We begin with sketches and wireframes and quickly moved into a clickable figma prototype that we used to rapidly validate and disprove several feature sets to ensure the design handoff to development would be swift and lean. 2.0 Redesign and Launch

We were brought on to lead the redesign and oversee the development on CFL 2.0 platform. We began with customer discovery interviews with both free and premium users to discovery what the top value adds of the platform were. We then began to design new user flows to visualize new entry points into the premium membership. We then began designing with this product led methodology in mind which led to a significant bump in CFL's bottom line revenue.


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Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have emerged as a transformative tool in modern healthcare management. These systems streamline patient information storage, improve communication among healthcare providers, and enhance patient care. Understanding the core concepts behind EHR systems is crucial for grasping their implementation dynamics.

I Have An App Idea: Where Do I Start?

So, you've got this fantastic app idea bubbling in your brain, and you can't wait to see it come to life. We totally get the excitement, and you're in the right place. The first thing you need to understand is the importance of transforming that idea into a real product and doing it within a good time frame. Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of app development. Before you know it, someone else might have turned a similar idea into the next big thing!Now, let's give you an overview of the process, from the lightbulb moment of idea inception to the thrilling journey of product development

Transforming Financial Advisory Services: Unleashing the Power of CRM

Empowering Financial Advisors with CRM As technology reshapes the financial industry, CRM systems are essential tools for financial advisory firms striving to stay competitive and client-focused. Through streamlined workflows, automated tasks, and enhanced case management, CRMs elevate the efficiency of advisory practices. However, the success of CRM implementation relies on careful evaluation, ensuring the chosen system aligns seamlessly with the firm's operational needs and growth aspirations. Ultimately, the strategic integration of CRM systems propels financial advisors toward a future where efficiency, effectiveness, and client-centricity reign supreme.


What Makes Lean Discovery Group Different?

Lean Discovery Group focuses on delivering customer-centric solutions through a unique blend of efficient processes and innovative thinking. We are committed to streamlining your business operations, eliminating waste, and maximizing value. Our approach centers on continuous improvement, ensuring that our solutions evolve with your business needs. With Lean Discovery Group, you get a partner who prioritizes your business outcomes, optimizes resources, and continually strives for perfection.

What Does It Look Like At Scale?

Our zero-code applications come built-in with their own dedicated cloud infrastructure, meticulously engineered to scale on demand. This implies that your application can effortlessly adapt to an upswing in user activity, managing heightened loads without a hitch. Additionally, they incorporate an integrated database solution, eliminating the need for you to fret over the setup and upkeep of isolated database servers. This feature empowers you with the ability to oversee and scale your data effortlessly.

How Much Do Projects Typically Cost?

It depends on the scale and what you’re looking to accomplish. However, our projects start at $10,000

Are There Any Changes To The IP (Intellectual Property)?

We occasionally encounter this inquiry, yet the answer remains unchanged: we don't acquire your IP when you collaborate with us. This is a potential risk when outsourcing software development, reinforcing why you should consider partnering with Lean Discovery Group.

What does “No-Code” Mean?

No-Code refers to visual programming platforms that operates without the need for code. Its design aims to facilitate software and application development by leveraging graphical and image-based representations to convey computing logic, as opposed to the traditional text-only (coding) approach. Its area of expertise lies in the creation of responsive web and mobile applications, endowed with dynamic databases and intricate functionality.

What are your pricing for this service?

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience

I want a website design for my business, how long it will take?

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience

Do you guys offer consultation services also?

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience

What are your charges for UI design?

Brought on to conduct discovery and design of ‘s Speed Networking 2.0’s feature set to launch to their global audience